Picnic Blanket 150x 200cm

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For years, BANZ has looked after your kids when outdoors and in the sun.

Now the rest of the family can join in with the new range of BANZ picnic and drinkware.

The BANZ Picnic blanket is - 

* Easy to fold & carry

* Large enough for 4 - 6 people

* Durable and resistant to water and dirt

* Yet still soft and cosy

With the uniquely BANZ, Australiana design

  • At a generous 1.5 by 2.0 metres, this rug is easily LARGE enough for 4 -6 people to share, but rolls up to a HANDY CARRY and STORAGE size. Keep it in the boot of the car for those times you find yourself outside with the family.
  • EASY TO CARRY with our PU Leather handles and copper buckles.
  • Available in a range of exclusive BANZ Australiana designs, the picnic mat beautifully coordinates the the new range of BANZ drinkware and picnic bags
  • 3 Layers of faux wool blend and cotton make our rugs BREATHEABLE and COMFORTABLE while also making it easy to clean - spot clean, or even hose down to get rid of those grass stains or pesky grains of sand
  • Great for sporting events too - the football, cricket, air shows, lawn concerts, festivals - anywhere you want to stay warm and cosy with your loved ones



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